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HTML Converter - Text to HTML

HTML Converter - Text to HTML Converter
Text to HTML Converter   Hixus HTML Converter comes a with simple Text to HTML converter. To convert ASCII text files to HTML code, start the program and click the "Text to HTML" tab.
Here you can use two conversion modes:
  • spaces to   In this case all space characters in converted text will be replaced with html "hard space"
  • Standard HTML This will convert the text into standard HTML code (trim spaces)
spaces to     When you use this spaces to   option, each space in the source text will be replaced with   See following example:
    ASCII Text Code (Before Conversion) :
Text to HTML demo
 Text to HTML demo
  Text to HTML demo
   Text to HTML demo
    HTML Output (after conversion):

Text&nbsp;to&nbsp;HTML&nbsp;demo<br /> &nbsp;Text&nbsp;to&nbsp;HTML&nbsp;demo<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;Text&nbsp;to&nbsp;HTML&nbsp;demo<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Text&nbsp;to&nbsp;HTML&nbsp;demo<br />
Standard HTML   If you select Standard HTML conversion space chars will not be replaced.
    ASCII Text Code (Before Conversion) :
Text to HTML demo
 Text to HTML demo
  Text to HTML demo
   Text to HTML demo
    Output HTML Code (After Conversion) :

Text to HTML demo<br /> Text to HTML demo<br /> Text to HTML demo<br /> Text to HTML demo<br />
Text to HTML Settings  

You can add header/footer to converted HTML code. To do this - just check the "add header " checkbox. Note that you can specify your own header/footer (just click "change header" button)

If you check to add header, output code will be placed between selected header and footer as shown in the following example:

    ASCII Text Code (Before Conversion to HTML) :

Text to HTML converter demo
Text to HTML converter demo
Text to HTML converter demo

    Output HTML Code (After Conversion) :
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
<title>Untitled Document</title>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html">

Text to HTML converter demo<br />
Text to HTML converter demo<br />
Text to HTML converter demo<br />




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