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HTML Converter - Overview

HTML Converter - Overview

As a Web developer, you know how long and tedious it can be to translate HTML code to PHP, Perl, JSP, JavaScript or ASP. To convert & insert HTML code in script file you should add code before and after each html line. Doing this by hand is boring and slow...

Now - with Hixus HTML Converter - you can easily convert HTML code to PHP, Perl, JSP, JavaScript or ASP script formats in a second. HTML Converter is powerful tool, designed with one main goal: to save your time. Just enter the HTML code or load a HTML file and select the output format - and that's all. Converted code can be saved to file or copied to the clipboard.

In addition, Hixus HTML Converter also offers simple text to HTML conversion - Just Copy & Paste (or load from file) and select conversion scheme - you can define custom html output by adding your own header/foother.

Also - there is basic RTF to HTML converter - if you need to convert some standard RTF file, just load it from disk and get the converted code. (Note that RTF to HTML converter can fail to convert complex files with complicated tables or images)

And now - in version 3.0 - Hixus HTML Converter comes with Code Exporter - new converter which will export your html or other code to html or rtf format.

With code exporter you'll be able to publish html or other source code in html page or save this code as RTF file. (See the code exporter page for more info)

You can test all features of Hixus HTML Converter right now - download the free trial version. There are no functional limitations.

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