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HTML Converter - Code Exporter

HTML Converter - Code Exporter
Code Exporter  

Hixus HTML Converter now comes with a great new feature called Code Exporter.

Code Exporter will convert your HTML , Perl , PHP , JavaScript , Java , ASP , CSS , XML , SQL , C , C++ , Python , Basic or Pascal code to HTML or RTF (Rich-text format).

Code Exporter is useful when you want to save HTML, ASP, PHP or other code to a RTF file.

How Code Exporter Works  

To understand how it works - start the program and paste some HTML code in the source box, then click Export followed by Preview to see the result in your Web browser. The following example shows the results:

Exported HTML Code Example:  

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> <html> <head> <title>Untitled Document</title> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html"> </head> <body> HTML converter demo<br /> HTML converter demo<br /> HTML converter demo<br /> </body> </html>

In this example you'll see all HTML tags - like <body>, <html> etc. To publish some HTML page into another html page you must replace all special tags and symbols with respective code - otherwise the browser will read them as commands and will not print them on screen.

The row-code (if you open it in NotePad) for this example looks like this:

<code><br><font color="#000000"><span class="style6"><b>&lt;</b><font color="#8000FF"><b>!DOCTYPE </b></font><b>HTML PUBLIC </b><font color="#0080FF">
&quot;-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN&quot;</font><b>&gt;
&lt;</b><font color="#8000FF"><b>html</b></font><b>&gt;
&lt;</b><font color="#8000FF"><b>head</b></font><b>&gt;
&lt;</b><font color="#8000FF"><b>title</b></font><b>&gt;</b>Untitled Document<b>&lt;</b><font color="#8000FF"><b>/title</b></font><b>&gt;
&lt;</b><font color="#8000FF"><b>meta </b></font><b>http-equiv=</b><font color="#0080FF">&quot;Content-Type&quot; </font><b>content=</b><font color="#0080FF">&quot;text/html&quot;</font><b>&gt;
&lt;</b><font color="#8000FF"><b>/head</b></font><b>&gt;
&lt;</b><font color="#8000FF"><b>body</b></font><b>&gt;

</b>HTML converter demo<b>&lt;</b><font color="#8000FF"><b>br </b></font><b>/&gt;
</b>HTML converter demo<b>&lt;</b><font color="#8000FF"><b>br </b></font><b>/&gt;
</b>HTML converter demo<b>&lt;</b><font color="#8000FF"><b>br </b></font><b>/&gt;

&lt;</b><font color="#8000FF"><b>/body</b></font><b>&gt;
&lt;</b><font color="#8000FF"><b>/html</b></font><b>&gt;






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