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Hixus HTML Code Guru Pro

Download web pages via the HTTP protocol (hyper text transfer protocol) faster using Hixus HTML Code Guru Pro. View and edit the HTML code of webpages using the program's simple editing functions.

Because Hixus HTML Code Guru Pro downloads webpages as pure HTML code, you can see how the webpage is interpreted by the browser, what happens when JavaScript is started, and view the different elements of a webpage such as links and meta-tags.

You can also trace the HTTP exchange between your PC and a remote Web server to see how the webpage is loaded.

The simple integrated HTML editor lets you work with the code retrieved.

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Key features include:

  • Two download/view modes
  • HTTP logger to trace how webpages download.
  • Integrated HTML editor.

Hixus HTML Code Guru Pro
Above: Hixus HTML Code Guru Pro screenshot

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