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About Hixus Software

Hixus Software has been publishing Web design and development software since 2003.

In May 2005 Hixus Software was acquired by Multimedia Australia (read more about the acquisition here).

Hixus Software builds on Multimedia Australia's long established strong presence in the software industry. Today Hixus Software is operated from Multimedia Australia's head office in the city of Brisbane, Australia.

Over the coming months Multimedia Australia will expand and build upon Hixus' already well known range of software titles as well as further integrating Multimedia Australia's renowned support and after sales customer service offerings.

Hixus Software is a Software Industry Professionals member.

Hixus Software is a
Software Industry Professionals

Multimedia Australia
Hixus Software








By downloading, purchasing, or otherwise trialing Hixus software products, you agree to the evaluation or full version license agreements, as applicable.

The Hixus brand is owned and operated by Multimedia Australia Pty. Ltd.
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